We take babies from 6-48 months old. Kindly note baby swim classes pertain to baby swim classes ARE group classes with baby and parent in the pool, not individual lessons. For individual swim classes please contact Alex at swim@glidesa.co.za

Squad swimmers range from ages 4,5 and up. If you would like to have your child assessed for an indoor swim squad, please contact us on 0824989437.

TODSWIM 6-48 Months

1 x 30 min per week

  • R200 Once off registration fee
  • Small Group
  • Parent Child Interaction

Indoor Squads

1 x 30 min session per week

  • Four Sessions A Month
  • Budget friendly
  • R200 Once off registration fee

General Info- Indoor Squads

It is recommended that swimmers wear suitable costumes. Swimmers must please have their own goggles and caps. In light of Covid regulations, we want to avoid using our spare caps and goggles. We do have a changing and toilet facility.

  • Fees are due in advance by the 3rd of each month. 
  • Swimmers starting during the month, will be charged prorate payable by the first lesson. 
  • Payment can be done via EFT or cash deposit in a cash box at the pool. 
  • Lessons missed are forfeited and no catch-up lessons will be done. The extra days in a 5 week month will make up for lessons missed during the month due to public holidays or illness.

Kindly note the following with regards to Covid 19 protocol: Baby Swim

– Instructor will avoid handling babies
– Parents are welcome to wear shields, masks are not recommended
– Max of 4 parents and babies per class
– Please come prepared to start the class
– Babies must wear proper swim nappies (reusable or disposable).
– Swimsuit for both parent and baby
– Accessories to tie back parent’s hair
– Towel for both parent, baby and extra one for baby changing mat
– Snack for baby
– Diapering needs (please discard of soiled nappies at home and not in the swimming pool bin)
– Dress comfortably and come with a positive attitude
– You may feed your baby a light snack 15min before swimming such as a cracker or banana, no milk or yoghurt please as this can cause discomfort and possible vomiting
– If possible, schedule a nap before swimming so baby is well rested and alert

Areas will be cleaned regularly during the day and at the end of each day as well. Hand sanitizers will be available at several points.

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